1 - Terms used in this agreement

For the purposes of this contract the term "Registrant" should be taken to mean any person or business making use of the registration system provided on this site. The term "IP Rights Office" refers to the Intellectual Property Rights Office (see "Parties to this Agreement", below). The term "Work" refers to the file or files submitted for registration or intended for submission to registration.

2 - Registering Works

By completing the registration process the Registrant grants the IP Rights Office and its authorized archive partners the unrestricted right to record and copy their Work for archiving purposes only. Any copies made will be treated as confidential and will not be made public or knowingly made available to any persons or organizations other than authorized archivists and, if required by law, law enforcement agencies.

By submitting a file for registration the Registrant asserts that they are the rightful owner of the Work, or are acting on behalf of the rightful owner, and that the details of the rightful owner have been given as those to whom the work is registered, and are correct and accurate to the best of the Registrant's knowledge. The Registrant warrants that all items submitted are suitable for registration, and is aware that the IP Rights Office does not make any judgement regarding the suitability of submitted material.

The Registrant shall, if requested by the IP Rights Office, supply it with any declaration necessary for the purposes of obtaining any consent or clearance which the IP Rights Office might be required to obtain by any competent authority to enable it to perform the service being requested by the Registrant, in a form specified by the IP Rights Office.

In order for a Work to be registered the Registrant must make appropriate payment via the WorldPay payment facility only. Payment cannot be accepted by any other means. Works to be registered must be submitted via the upload facility provided, or (failing that) by email (upon invitation only). No Works will be accepted in hard copy format or by email prior to payment. If the Registrant fails to upload the Work using the upload facility and also fails to provide the Work by email within 28 days of the payment of the registration fee then the information provided relating to the Work and/or the registration fee will be archived alone as evidence of the date of claim to copyright ownership. Without the actual Work archived, however, the efficaciousness of the registration will be seriously compromised, for which the IP Rights Office can accept no liability. 

Payment made for registration covers the uploading and archiving of the Work and/or the details of the Work and associated registration fee payment only. Storage of said Work and/or details is provided free of charge and as such any early termination of registration does not affect the cost of the registration and does not constitute grounds for refund, either in whole or in part.

No changes can be made to the registered Work or the details relating to it after registration. If an error such as a typing error has occurred during registration then the Registrant may apply to have this error corrected within 28 days of registration upon payment of a Registration Correction Fee of AUD $18 / GBP £10 / CAD $16 / EUR €11 / NZ $19 / USD $12. Corrections to spelling and minor changes to wording will be accepted only. No alteration of details will be accepted.

3 - Permitted use of CRS seals

After registration Registrants are granted limited rights to reproduce CRS seals in print only. No seals may be used in any way other than that intended by the IP Rights Office. Seals intended for use in print must not be used online and online seals may not be used in print. When using online seals the Registrant must serve their own copy of the image and not use the copy stored on this site. 

Seals may only be used in conjunction with the registered Work and must not continue to be used after the end of the period of registration, or after the registration has been terminated either by the Registrant or the IP Rights Office. Upon expiry or termination of the registration any seals must be removed immediately from online. In print, the seal must not be printed on any future copy of the Work, and must be crossed out or obscured on any existing copies in the Registrant's possession.

Whenever a seal is used (or the registration is cited upon the Work) the reference number of the Work must be placed immediately alongside it.

Registrants must not make or allow to be made any alteration to any seal, nor distribute them to any other person other than for the sole purpose of applying the seal to the Work in question. Distribution includes but is not limited to the placing of seals or copies of seals online or in emails, or making the URL of seal images available to others in any way.

The IP Rights Office reserves the right to demand the immediate withdrawal of any CRS seal it feels to be misused in any way.

Failure to comply with any of the terms of use for CRS seals will result in the termination of the associated registration without refund, and could also result in legal action.  

4 - Terminating Registrations

The Registrant may terminate their registration(s) immediately online by using the online termination system within their CRS account. By terminating their registration this contract will be immediately cancelled in relation to that registration, excepting any outstanding payments, penalty charges (either already made or to be applied in future to outstanding amounts) or any other outstanding issue. Termination cannot be reversed and once a registration has been terminated neither the Work nor the supporting documentation relating to it may be retrieved, nor certificates printed nor seals retrieved for it nor displayed upon it. No refund can be made for early termination.

The IP Rights Office reserves the right to suspend or terminate registrations immediately in the event that the Registrant breaches any requirements of the registration.

5 - Retrieving Works

Registrants may at any time prior to the termination of registration request a copy of the registered Work be sent to them by email, or a copy of the registered work and supporting documentation be sent either by email or by post on computer disk, by completing the appropriate online retrieval process and providing acceptable credit or debit card details for the payment of the appropriate administration fee. In the absence of any other instructions, the requested materials will be sent to the current primary email address or postal address given on the Registrant's CRS account.

Registered Works cannot be retrieved without payment of the appropriate fee.

6 - Payment of Fees

The Registrant must pay all agreed fees outlined in their purchase and this agreement, and must not dispute or reverse any payment after it has been made through any body other than directly through the IP Rights Office (see Liability and Refunds Policy, below). Should the Registrant violate this agreement and rescind payments made or promised to the IP Rights Office through their bank, card issuing company, or other body, the Registrant is aware that they will remain liable for the rescinded amount and agrees to pay in addition to that amount a Penalty Charge of £30 or equivalent in their currency.

The IP Rights Office reserves the right to make reasonable additional charges to cover any unexpected costs incurred as a result of actions attributable to the Registrant or the Registrant's agents. 

The IP Rights Office may invoice Registrants for any outstanding amount (including any applicable Value Added Tax and without any set off or other deduction) as and when that amount becomes due. Payment is required within 28 days. Should the Registrant fail to make payment within 28 days the Registrant agrees to pay a fixed penalty of £20 or equivalent in their currency. The outstanding amount and the fixed penalty must be paid within 28 days, or the Registrant agrees to pay an additional £20 fixed penalty. Fixed penalties of £20 will be added to the outstanding amount until the outstanding amount (including any penalty charges) is cleared in full.

If outstanding amounts are not paid in full the IP Rights Office reserves the right to suspend or terminate the registration to which the outstanding charges apply and/or other registrations belonging to the same account as it deems appropriate without refund. The IP Rights Office also reserves the right to remove access to the account(s) of and prevent further registrations by Registrants with payments outstanding.

The IP Rights Office may alter the amounts of any fees without prior notification and these amounts will apply to all future transactions. Changes to fees will be made available via the Copyright Registration Service website and/or upon request.

7 - Privacy

By Registering a Work the Registrant gives permission for certain minimum details to be made publicly available via the Copyright Registration Website. These include: the legal name of the business or person to which the Work is registered; the country of residence of the person or business to which the Work is registered; the title of the Work (as at the point of registration); the category into which the registration falls; the dates of registration and expiry; the registration number; and the status of the registration.

The Registrant has the right and ability to control whether or not other details such as contact details are made publicly available and can alter these preferences both before and after registration. The IP Rights Office accepts no liability for any error made by Registrants in the setting of their preferences.

Registrants may immediately remove all details of their registration(s) from the public domain by terminating their registration(s) via the online facility in their CRS accounts. Registrants are aware that by terminating their registration they lose all benefits of registration immediately, without refund of any fees.

No registered Works shall at any time knowingly be made available to the public.

Any other information provided by the Registrant will be treated as confidential and the IP Rights Office shall take reasonable care to ensure that this information remains so, with the exception of information which is public knowledge at the point of Registration, or later becomes public knowledge independently of the IP Rights Office. However, the IP Rights Office cannot be held liable for information being lost or compromised as a result of events beyond its control, including but not limited to malicious acts by others, acts of God, acts of terrorism, changes in the law, etc.

8 - Liability and Refunds Policy

No refund can be made on any payment once the service relating to that payment has been begun (in the case of registrations, once a file has been uploaded in whole or in part to our server, or its details entered in the database, etc.; in the case of retrievals, once the document(s) have been retrieved from the archive), unless there has been a failure on the part of the IP Rights Office to fulfil or abide by the terms and conditions laid out in this agreement. Once a Work has been uploaded and archived the service in relation to the payment made for registration is complete. In any case, no refund can be made more than 28 days after payment.

The IP Rights Office is required to fulfil its obligations under the terms of this contract in reasonable time scales and using reasonable care and skill, however it cannot be held liable for, or issue refunds as a result of, any failure to do so as a result of failures upon the part of the Registrant (including but not limited to failure to provide necessary data, information, or instruction), failure of computer equipment or connections, or any other cause reasonably deemed to be beyond the control of the IP Rights Office.

The IP Rights Office cannot be held liable for any loss of data and/or financial loss, damage, costs, expenses, or any other detrimental effects encountered by the Registrant as a result of events beyond the reasonable control of the IP Rights Office, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of war, revolution, terrorism, political upheaval or instability, economic collapse, internet crime, etc.

The IP Rights Office does not assert or confirm that the material registered by the Registrant is capable of being protected by Copyright Law and it is the Registrant's responsibility to ensure that they own an enforceable copyright prior to registration. No liability can be accepted nor refunds made if the Registrant registers a work not covered by copyright.

The IP Rights Office is obliged to register and record the Work received by it in whatever state it is received. It is the registrant's responsibility to ensure the correct file is transmitted and is sent without error. The IP Rights Office cannot be held liable for any problem arising with the file prior to or during transmission, and is not responsible for the contents of the archived file. No refund can be made on the grounds that the file archived does not match either wholly or in part the file intended for registration by the Registrant.

In any case where the IP Rights Office is deemed to have been at fault the Registrant agrees that the total liability of the IP Rights Office shall be less than or equal to the original payment for the service deemed to have been delivered in an unsatisfactory fashion, as determined as appropriate by the management of the IP Rights Office, and that said liability shall in no event exceed this amount or have any bearing on any amounts paid for other services delivered.

The Registrant asserts the Work being registered does not infringe any existing copyrights, and indemnifies the IP Rights Office against any losses, damages, cost, expenses, or other claims that may arise from any such infringement.

Registering your Work with the IP Rights Office Copyright Registration Service provides supporting evidence intended to help prove your ownership of copyright. It does not provide statutory protection, nor is it a formal copyright. The Registrant remains responsible for proving copyright ownership and the IP Rights Office will take no part in any legal proceedings, other than to provide the Registrant with supporting documentation and a copy of the registered Work upon payment of the appropriate retrieval fee via the online retrieval system. Registration does not guarantee success in any legal proceedings and the IP Rights Office cannot be held liable for any failure of the Registrant in any case relating to the Work.

In the unlikely event that the IP Rights Office ceases trading it will, wherever reasonably practicable, identify third parties to complete fulfilment of any ongoing contracts. The IP Rights Office cannot give any warranty or guarantee regarding the quality of services of any third party.

9 - Parties to this agreement

This agreement is made between the Registrant (any person or business applying to register Works with the IP Rights Office through its Copyright Registration Service website) and the administrator and proprietor of the Copyright Registration Service, being the Intellectual Property Rights Office (a trading name of JP Dyson).

10 - General

These are the current terms and conditions covering the provision of services by the IP Rights Office and supersede any previous terms and conditions, and may themselves be superseded in future (provided that the nature or quality of the services are not materially affected), in which case the revised terms and conditions shall be made publicly available via the Copyright Registration Service website. 

If any part of this contract is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this contract, or the remainder of the provision in question.

English law shall apply to the contract and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.